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FastTrack Contact Center Option

What is it?

Many times, members call in for an account balance or to check on the most recent deposits and withdrawals.


Fast Track is designed to answer these inquiries during the time that someone would be on-hold for the next available agent.


If someone has additional business to discuss with an agent, they will not lose their place in line. They will be forwarded as quickly as possible.


How it works?

When calling the credit union, it will be necessary to authenticate membership. This will require inputting the member #, last 4 digits of a social security number, and birth date when prompted.


After membership authentication, the following will be available to check:

- Account balance

- Most recent deposits

- Most recent withdrawals

- Loan Payments


Don’t know your member number?

If you need help determining your member number, give us a call or stop by any branch. We will be glad to help!