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Mobile App Update!

We are pleased to announce several new enhancements to your L&N Mobile Banking App. Some of the improvements you will see are:


Running Balance

Back by popular demand! You will now be able to see what your account balance is after each transaction. This is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Banking Registration for Tablets

Members can now register for digital banking via their tablet devices.

Quick Balance

Members now have the ability to check their account balance and last 5 transactions without having to log into the L&N app. Simple and easy to use. From the login screen of the app swipe down and a list of your L&N accounts will display on the screen. Want to see the last 5 transactions that have cleared your account? Tap the drop down arrow and they will display beneath the balance.

Touch ID for Android

Log in to your L&N app securely with the touch of your finger.

Username Recovery and Password Reset

Can’t access your account? No Problem, answer a few questions and your username and/or password can be reset with your mobile device.

Push Notifications

Now you can receive a Push Notification for your account balance updates, low balance alerts, large withdrawals and large deposits straight to your mobile device.*

Member to Member Transfers

Want to send money to a family member or friend whom also banks at L&N? Now you can do this from your mobile device, under transfer now choose the account you wish to send the funds to OR add a new account right from your device.**


Split Pane View on Accounts

iPhone 6, 6S and higher and all iPad users will now be able to view the account summary view and transactions without having to tap back and forth.

Enhanced Touch ID

Enhanced Touch ID is an extra layer of security to your L&N app that will ask you to verify your identity if it detects that a new fingerprint has been added to your mobile device.

3D Touch (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus)

Quick action prompts that allows Members to “peek and pop” specific account details without fully loading them on the screen. (Accounts and Mobile Remote Deposit Capture check history screens).



* Alerts are not real time and are sent at 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM.


**Money can only be transferred TO a Member. You CAN'T request money from a Members account.